Off-Grid Property & Bunker Tour

Presenter: Zombie Survival Camp

Zombie Survival Camp will be presenting a tour of their property which is off-grid in addition to a preparedness bunker that is also on-site. The brief clip below feature’s Zombie Survival Camp’s 'Butcher' to whom recently installed a dorsal hatch at the top of his bunker. This event is sure to be hit - you’re not going to want to miss it! As our gracious hosts, where the APM event will be held in its second year, the ZSC team will also play a huge role in coordinating a wide range of other imperative tasks over the course of the weekend in addition to tours. We’re honored to have access to their property for this event.

From the Zombie Survival Camp website (http://www.zombiesurvivalcamp.ca):

Yes, this is a real camp. Our ethos: Adaptability – Sustainability – Community

We teach real skills that can save your life during any kind of disaster, not just the Zompocalypse. During one of our weekend camps, you will learn how to shoot, slay, evade, and outlive the undead. Our team of subject matter experts will build you up to be the zombie-killing badasses you always wanted to be.

Zombie Survival Camp Bunker Tour

Think you know it all? Then put your skills to the test in Sunday’s simulated outbreak, where dozens of zombies invade the camp, hungry for humans. Not only is this camp perfect for the avid zombie enthusiast, but it’s for anyone who wants to spend an exhilarating weekend being educated, challenged and entertained. Great for couples, families, birthdays, and workplace team building.

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Ground Zero Off-grid Camp

2 hours north of Toronto in Desboro, Ontario

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