Exposure Injuries & Field Hygiene

Presenter: True North Prep School

The True North Prep School staff will be teaching the cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention of the common exposure injuries; Hypothermia, Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Dehydration, Frost Bite and trench foot. They will also provide tips on personal hygiene in the field such as ablutions and laundry.

This event will be taught by Peter and Matt of True North Prep School.

Peter True North Prep School

Since he was young, Peter has always loved the outdoors and field craft and has devoted much of his life to learning how to survive in the wilderness. He spent much of his childhood and teenage years camping and hiking throughout Ontario. At the age of sixteen, he joined the Canadian army reserves as an infantry soldier where he learned and mastered many of his survival skills like navigation and building shelters. He has in depth experience living in a wide range of environmental conditions, from the arctic conditions of Nunavut to the swamp lands of Georgia. Now he is an instructor in the Army and spreads the skills that he has learned since joining in 2008 to other soldiers. Peter has a passion for wilderness survival and prepping and started True North Prep School to teach others with a common interest in survival and off grid living.

Matt True North Prep School

Matt has spent most of his life outdoors both on land and on the water. Matt has been a sailing and canoeing instructor in Northern Ontario and has hiked the Rocky Mountains and the glaciers and fjords of Iceland. He joined the Military in 2010 and has since completed in many Military Ultra Marathons and bush craft competitions over the years. He is an avid fitness and health specialist and focuses on injury prevention and care in the bush.

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