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  • Prizes & Sponsors

  • Note: The following products/sponsors are the 2016 event. The 2017 event will feature existing and new sponsors. This page will be updated to reflect the 2017 sponsors soon.

    These prizes were graciously donated by our valued sponsors and guests. We're grateful to have them support this event and we highly encourage you to check out these products for yourself. This event wouldn't be possible without their help.

    NOTE: We encourage you to check them out not because they sponsored us but because we only asked for the help of sponsors that offer products and services that WE LIKE and appreciate as professional survivalists and preppers....

  • 180 Stove

    Sponsor: 180 Tack
    MSRP: $75

    From http://www.180tack.com: "180 STOVE is a natural fuels stove that eliminates the need to carry heavy, bulky fuel canisters. While providing a generous 6" x 7" cooking surface, it still folds away into a clean, compact, self-forming case that will even fit in your pocket! At just 10.1 oz, the additional weight and space savings allows for other important items in your pack."

  • Tac-bar

    Sponsor: Tac-bar
    MSRP: $100

    From http://www.tac-bar.com/: There is no other ready-to-eat food ration as fortified with what your body requires to survive and perform at its peak, whatever your mission. 

  • LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lights

    Sponsor: LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lights
    MSRP: $20

    From http://luminaid.com: "The new PackLite 16 has double the LEDs (2X the wattage), is made out of a thicker, more durable TPU (PVC-free) material, and has an additional flashing setting for emergencies. The PackLite 16 provides up to 16 hours of consistent LED light and can be easily recharged in the sun, ideal for recreational use outdoors or in the home as an extra light source. It has two, extra bright LEDs that provide over 65 lumens on the Extra Bright setting and a 32-hour flashing mode.The PackLite 16 folds up into a compact, portable size that is easy to clip to your backpack to charge on-the-go or store in your emergency kit. The durable and weather-resistant TPU plastic material (100% PVC-free) inflates to diffuse the LED light and create a lantern. The PackLite 16 will easily light up a 125 sq. ft space. Tuck it away in your first-aid kit or hook it on your backpack for your next adventure!"

  • Baofeng UV-5R from PrepperRadios.ca

    Prepper RadiosSponsor: http://prepperradios.ca
    MSRP: $60

    The BaoFeng UV-5R is the perfect prepper radio a compact hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. It is a compact, economical HT that includes a special VHF receive band from 65 - 108 MHz which includes the regular FM broadcast band. Dual watch and dual reception is supported. You get up to 128 memories. Other features include: selectable wide/narrow, battery save function, VOX, DCS/CTCSS encode, key lock and built in flashlight. Selectable frequency steps include: 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5 and 25 kHz. RF power may be selected at 4 or 1 watts. This radio comes with an SMA-Female antenna, flexible antenna, BL-5 Li-ion battery (7.4V 1500 mAh), belt clip, wrist strap, AC adapter (8.4V 600ma) and drop-in charging tray. This radio requires the PC03 FTDI programming cable.

  • 2for1 Training Pass to Zombie Survival Camp

    Zombie Survival CampSponsor: http://www.zombiesurvivalcamp.ca/
    MSRP: $150

    You get all your zombie survival workshops and seminars as well as the simulated zombie outbreak. We also spoil you with beautiful and comfortable cabins to sleep in, full washroom/shower facilities with hot water and freshly prepared meals all weekend.

  • WaterBOB from RapidSurvival.com

    Rapid SurvivalSponsor: http://www.rapidsurvival.com/
    MSRP: $60

    The waterBOB® is an emergency drinking water storage system that holds up to 100 gallons of fresh water and it can be used in any bathtub in the event of an emergency.

    Rapid Survival is 100% Canadian owned and operated, check us out for all your survival and preparedness needs. We’re excited to be sponsoring a prize for this years Annual Preppers Meet, we look forward to seeing you at the meet! www.rapidsurvival.com

  • Folding Firebox Stove

    Sponsor: http://www.fireboxstove.com
    MSRP: $75

    The Gen2 5" Folding Firebox Campfire Stove (patent pending) is a multi-purpose super tool for fire. It's a multi-fuel cook stove able to utilize wood and other fuels found in nature, solid fuel tablets, alcohol burners, iso-butane gas burners, gel fuels (Sterno), wood pellets or charcoal briquettes. The Folding Firebox's larger size and sturdy construction makes it stable enough for a large dutch oven yet it can be used with cookware as small as a camping cup. The Folding Firebox Stove is also easy to set up. It effortlessly opens into position, and when it's time to go it folds flat - ready to slide into your pack.

  • Silky Saws

    Silky saw katanaboy 650

    Big Bear ToolsSponsor: http://bigbeartools.com/
    MSRP: $500+

    Big Bear Tools is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Silky Saws. Big Bear Tools has sponsored multiple Silky Saws to be raffled off including a Katanaboy 650 valued at over $200 retail. 

    An industry leader manufacturing the world’s highest quality wood saws from Ono, Japan, since 1919. Continually innovating, SILKY has managed to outperform the competition and provide the world with simply the best saws on the market today.

  • Siltarp 2

    Rab Outdoor EquipmentSponsor: http://www.equipuk.com
    MSRP: $250

    Equip Outdoor Technologies (Rab / Lowe Alpine) is the Canadian distributor for Rab / Lowe Alpine brands (formally Integral Designs). They offer a wide variety of high quality outdoor equipment and are based out of Saint-Laurent, Quebec. The Siltarp 2 is a brilliant light-weight shelter, designed with adventure races in mind, providing versatile protection from the elements for 2-3 persons.

  • Super Light Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

    Sponsor: http://www.wiggys.com
    MSRP: $300

    From http://wiggys.com: "The Super Light is a 0° F (approximately -20 degrees C) rated mummy style bag. When the Overbag is added to the Super Light, the temperature rating becomes -40° (F or C). When both bags are combined you have the Super Light FTRSS. The Super Light sleeping bag has proven to be our most popular bag, both with the Armed Forces and civilian markets. When combined in the FTRSS, the Super Light is one of the greatest choices for a true four season sleeping bag!"

  • More Sponsors & Prizes To Be Announced Soon!