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    Featuring Our Nations Best Preppers & Survivalists
    July 7th-9th in Desboro, Ontario

  • Schedule

  • The 2017 schedule is now online. This schedule is tentative and subject to change in the future. Please note that while we won’t officially start events until Friday evening you are welcome to come join us early and camp out as soon as Thursday evening. We would love to have your company. Assisting with camp setup throughout the day on Friday is completely optional if you choose to arrive early.

  • Canadian Survival Expo Schedule
    Friday July 7th
    PresenterTopicStart TimeEnd Time
    EveryoneCamp Setup, Meet/Greet/Network, Relax12:006:00
    Brian OpdenkelderTaijutsu: Unarmed Combatives7:009:00
    Saturday July 8th
    PresenterTopicStart TimeEnd Time
    Wolf StarchildArchery (Kids Only)9:0010:00
    Doug GetgoodTarps & Knots9:0011:00
    Karen StephensonWild Edible Walk10:0011:30
    Wolf StarchildArchery (All Ages)10:0012:00
    EveryoneBriden Solutions FREE LUNCH11:001:00
    Stane Alone TacticalBB Booth (Kids Only)1:003:00
    Nader EidEscapes From Holds & Improvised Weapon Tactics1:003:00
    Wolf StarchildAxe & Knife Throwing (Adults Only)3:004:30
    Karen StephensonWild Edible Walk3:004:30
    Jennie AkseWild Edible Essentials4:306:00
    Aleks RakocevicCampfire Cooking4:306:00
    Zombie Survival CampTBA6:007:00
    Che BodhiEthical Rabbit Dispatching7:008:00
    Sunday July 9th
    PresenterTopicStart TimeEnd Time
    Breakfast FundraiserPancakes & Bacon07:0011:30
    Brian OpdenkelderHanbojutsu: Half-Staff Combatives8:0010:00
    Dan FlowersBugout Bags8:3010:00
    Jennie AkseWild Edible Essentials10:0011:00
    Dave AgarBow Drill Fire Starting10:0011:00
    Wolf StarchildArchery (Kids Only)10:0011:00
    Chris BorgiaAlternative Vehicle Power11:0012:00
    Wolf StarchildFire Starting (Kids & Adults)11:0012:00
    Phil TeesdaleTBA11:0012:00
    RafflePRIZE GIVEAWAY!12:001:00
    Eric PinkertonHam Radio Basics1:002:00
    Stand Alone TacticalSurvival Trapping1:002:00
    Kelly DuponFood Dehydrating2:003:00
    David AramaOff-grid Survival Options2:003:00
    EveryoneFire Starting Challenge 3:004:00
    EveryoneWild Game Sampling Potluck (Deer, Rabbit, etc.)4:005:00
    EveryoneWild Edibles Food Sampling4:005:00
    EveryoneCamp Cleanup5:006:00