Edge Weapon Defense Survival Tactics

Presenter: Nader Eid

Nader Eid will be joining us for a third year offering some brilliant, hands-on martial arts training. Nader’s classes have always been nothing less than professional giving participants a very practical and useful set of skills that they can add to their personal, arsenal of knowledge. Security, where preparedness is concerned, is fundamental with hands-on defense techniques being no exception. This year Nader will be teaching edge weapon defense survival tactics and it’s an event you’re not going to want to miss. And the APM team is honored to have him back this year!

The clip above features Nader teaching a class from last year’s event.

Nader Eid Firearm Disarming

Merging situation awareness with combat tactics, Nader Eid, Durham Commando Krav Maga founder and licenced CKM instructor providing reality based survival tactics used under pressure by Israeli Commandos and special forces across the world. Survive multiple attackers, learn edged weapon defense and hand gun disarming tactics that will save your life taught by yours truly, Nader Eid.

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