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  • Jennie Akse

  • Nature-wisdom is available for everyone. To use wild plants and herbs in your life on a daily basis is a basic right of all humans. You do not need to be an herbalist or a specialist, but you do need to really know what plants are safe to use, how to identify them, and how to safely bring them into your life. 

    I love to learn and teach about responsible foraging and nature skills. I myself learned herbal knowledge from an old-timer, a man of the woods, studied with him in the fields and forests of North Carolina and apprenticing at his side for three years. I continued to learn and teach for half a decade in Amsterdam as an urban forager and nature-educator, before arriving in Canada two years ago. My relationship with plants, and all nature, is life-long and personal, and I've been sharing as a teacher for going on eight years.  This summer I’ll be foraging alongside Chef Dayrl Mac Donell at the Keltic Lodge in Great Breton and spending a month hiking and foraging through Newfoundland.

    If you want to learn about common edible and medicinal plants, or just want to know what weeds in your garden can be put to good use in your kitchen, join me for guided wild-weed-walks, foraging excursions, wild herbal workshops, and other courses.

    Instagram: realwildthing