Forage & Feast

Presenter: Jennie Akse

Jennie is a life-long, self-taught forager and herbalist with 3 additional years of in-field training & apprenticeship with “Wild Will” Endres, a follower of legendary herbalist, Catfish Gray. Jennie recently completed a 40-day, 90% wild-food fast, and continues to maintain a diet based on foraged food.

Join Jennie on Sunday where you’ll sample a varied and nutritious meal made from common weeds and plants - many of which can be found as easily in urban cities as they are in rural districts.

On the menu will be a selection of flours made from various wild plants, flower fritters, crazy flatbread, wild-plant-based egg substitute, wild nuts and syrups, thistle juice, mallow milk, edible flowers and more. Participants may be asked to assist in the preparation and everyone is welcome to sample the fixings!

*Allergy Alert: Black Walnut and Hickory nuts

Jennie Akse

Always a fascinated observer of nature, Jennie made it a priority to connect with plant-wisdom for health and healing in her family when she birthed her first child. Since 2009, she has taught both children and adults in Amsterdam, Germany, Belgium, and, for the past 5 years, in Canada. She was awarded the Groene-n-Doen ecology grant in Amsterdam, and was featured in the project, The Good Family - a collection of eco-conscious families in the Netherlands, where she resided. In India, Jennie completed a 12-month residency in the yogic healing arts, and teaches classical mindfulness breathing, yoga and meditation in Oakville, Ontario. She has been teaching yoga for 13 years.

Jennie is a member of the Association of Foragers, eats approximately 80% of her daily food from wild sources, and is currently collaborating with Halton’s Greening Sacred Spaces on an eco-mindfulness initiative for schools and residents.

You’re invited to join Jennie in a wild walk or herbal workshop through her MeetUp group - www.meetup.com/itsawildthing and to follow her on-going wild-food journey on Instagram at @realwildthing.


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