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  • Doug Getgood

  • Having had the opportunity to train with Doug for some time now I can say with confidence that he brings a level of integrity to survival that can only be obtained through his years of perfecting the art of woodlore mastery. Doug goes above and beyond traditional skill teachings often modifying to more practical perspectives based on his personal insights and experiences. ~ Che Bodhi

    I had asked Doug to provide a bio or summary of sorts with respect to this website. Unbeknownst to me, he hates writing about himself. Nevertheless, I think you’ll find his response quaint, to the point and humble - reflective of his character. This is what he wrote: 

    Doug thinks it best, to put self to test and live for what he yearns. To sleep in shelters made, with boughs so laid, this is how one learns. To use a knife, to discover life, by carving to the core; through hands-on skills, one discovers the thrills of knowing the woodsman’s lore. A quiet man, Doug understands that one often learns through silence. Through times alone, one’s skills are hone, yet no one is an island. He loves to teach, to those that reach and seek the wildwood ways. Through practice and passion and interaction; it is through these that wisdom stays.