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  • David Arama

  • David Arama


     WSC Survival School
     WSC Survival School's GTA Outdoor Pursuits Club
     WSC's Survival Preppers
     Project Lost Youth Survival

    David Arama is one of Canada's leading survivalist experts with over 30 years experience in the field. Having been showcased on major networks such as TSN and CityTV in addition to teachings at major colleges and universities throughout Canada David is a true icon in the survivalist community. There are very few survivalists and bushcraft experts that have obtained the level of extensive knowledge and skills that David has. 

    As director for the Wilderness Survival School,  http://www.wscsurvivalschool.com, David offers a variety of teachings in the survivalist realm. The programs offered are extensive and practical. It's highly recommended that anyone interested in enhancing their survival skills to get in touch with David Arama through his school. 

    In addition to WSC David also offers several workshops through both  WSC's Survival Preppers 
    and  WSC's Survival Schools GTA Outdoor Pursuits Club. The workshops and events presented through these websites are often dedicated to a noble cause:  Project Lost Youth Survival.

    From David's Website  WSC Survival School: 

    Associated with the Wilderness Survival School, David has written several of the school's manuals, including the WTI Wilderness Survival Manual, the Outdoors Pursuits Camp Manual, and the Project LOST manual. Due to David's extensive knowledge in wilderness survival, GPS navigation, map & compass use, nature lore, edible and medicinal plants, and outdoors camping training, he is also a consultant and program designer, having pioneered numerous outdoor programs for groups, individuals, and many summer adventure camps. 

    David is currently researching lost victims and survival preparedness, and has recently received a grant to develop a "standardized" survival program aimed at saving lives in the wilderness, in association with Search and Rescue and Emergency Measures organizations. 

    He also appears on Outdoor Life's "Camp n' Out Series" (the survival expert), the new "Survivorman-Kids YTV Series (trained the castaways, survival consultant and involved in designing the series), Les Stoud's "Survive!" book, and in SARSCENE magazine. 

    Academically, David has the following credentials: B.A. Environmental Studies (York); Diploma in Business Administration (Seneca); Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Humber); and Certificate in Wilderness Emergency Care (Humber). Presently he is completing a M.Ed/Phd (BSU) in youth at risk education.