Mead Making, Bee Keeping Workshop & Connecting with Nature

Presenter: Darian Bacon of 7 Winds

Who knew you could make alcohol from honey? Apparently it’s one of the oldest known drinks known to man. Darian will be doing two workshops over the course of the weekend which will feature the processes involved in making mead and bee keeping in addition to a how we can improve our connection with nature. While this is Darian’s first appearance at the APM he’s a veteran within the wilderness and bushcraft community with extensive skills, knowledge and experience – and we’re honored to have him on board!

Darian Bacon Bee Keeping

From Darian's Website (https://7winds.ca):

Darian Bacon is a renowned wilderness instructor and nature lover. He has been active in the industry his entire life, but started tying in his passion for teaching with his love for nature in 2008. Since then, he has volunteered his time with several different schools, wilderness events, festivals, and even created an outdoor nature gathering with his own vision, which still runs every year under new leadership.

Creating 7winds.ca is a new venture for Bacon, who has spent over 15 years in his day job on the frontlines of emergency services, helping to protect the people of Ontario. Over the past several years, he has volunteered his time focusing on nature skills and connection for Trent University, Durham College, University of Guelph, Sir Sandford Fleming College, Hillside Festival and the Harvest Gathering, a wilderness event created by Bacon himself in 2011, and since handed off to the next generation of nature lovers.

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