Emergency Managment Concepts Every Prepper Should Know

Presenter: Chris Gilmour

FEMA, Red Cross, Emergency Management Ontario and even local fire services have spent millions of dollars developing highly effective frameworks for preparing and responding to every scale of emergency and natural disaster.

Chris Gilmour

In this 90min workshop, Chris Gilmour from Changing World will bridge his experience in traditional urban and wilderness survival with his work experience in modern-day emergency management, running disaster exercises and training for all levels of business and government.

Chris will discuss the key frameworks and concepts used by government and NGO's to respond to all scales of disasters and how they can be applied to your own preparedness planning and strategy.

There will also be handouts and activities to help fill in the wholes of your strategy and take your preparedness plans up a notch or two.

You can learn more about Chris on his blog at: https://www.changingworldproject.com

Questions? Contact us directly at info@annualpreppersmeet.com

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