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    Featuring Our Nations Best Preppers & Survivalists
    July 7th-9th in Desboro, Ontario

  • Che Bodhi

  • Che is the organizer for the Ontario Prepper Survival Network (OPSN), The Toronto Survivalism Meet Group and one of the key organizers for the Ontario Annual Preppers Meet. His motives for the OPSN are derived from networking with like-minded people in addition to exchanging knowledge and resources in the field of anything relating to prepping and survival.

    Che spends most of his time fine tuning his skills and making preparedness videos through his youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqWgsbdAkOYNg91tDHD2K6g) & often combines his meetup events with the OPSN into videos for others to learn (and be entertained) from. 

    Below is an example of such an event from last year with the OPSN where members were invited to eat 'bugout food' and some insight with respect to what the OPSN is all about.

  • Preppers Eat Disgusting Bugout Food (for fun)