Youth Self-Defence & Half-Staff Fighting Tactics

Presenter: Brian Opdenkelder

A veteran to the APM, special guest presenter Brian Opdenkelder joins us again this year for two very special martial arts training sessions.

Brian Opdenkelder

Youth Self-Defence: Brian will teach a 1-hour session covering essential self-defence strategies, tactics and techniques for young people. Participants will have the opportunity to test their skills against a well-padded “attacker” (Brian).

Half-Staff Fighting Tactics: Brian will teach a 90-minute workshop covering fundamental offensive and defensive applications of sticks and staffs measuring 36-42”. No experience is necessary, but training will be hands-on, interactive and lively, so bring your A-game — and your favourite walking stick / hiking staff.

Brian Opdenkelder is a federal correctional officer, volunteer firefighter and lifelong martial artist. He offers self-protection and survival training through the Gomon Dojo, in Severn, Ontario.

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