About the Preppers Meet

We're going into our 10th year in 2024!

Zachary Gault
Keynote Speaker Zachary Gault (from the 2023 event) Details

Our event has traveled to various locations over the years including Huntsville, Desboro and the ARK 2 Bunker - all in southern, Ontario. This year our home is in the beautiful Alliston, Ontario surrounded by wilderness.

New Venue! Alliston, Ontario

Located 1 north of Toronto in Alliston, Ontario - nestled in a gigantic mixed cedar, pine forest with open areas as well. The entire property has many acres to explore, an industrial kitchen, Olympic-sized pool and a river that runs through it. This apocalyptic sanctuary is home to a local sports club and we've been honored with them allowing to host our event here. Unlike our previous locations guests will be able to park where they camp and have access to a flushing toilet (a luxury compared to previous years). This location is also licensed to sell alcohol.

  • Olympic-sized pool
  • Main, event building with industrial kitchen
  • River runs through it
  • Giant bonfire pits
  • Archery Range
  • Serene Wilderness
  • Abundant wildlife

Event Location

6436 Conc 4 Rd, Everett, ON L0M 1J0 (1 Hour North of Toronto in Alliston, Ontario!)

The Prepping Event in Canada for 2024!

A Wide Variety of Events: From wild edible walks to stick fighting we’ll have a large variety of events for you to choose from and will feature Canada’s best survivalists.

Accommodations Available

We have a few different camping options as well as bunks to rent. Please contact us directly for any accessibility / electrical requirements and we will do our best to help facilitate your specific needs.

Accommodation Options

Expert Instructors

We've got the best survivalists and preppers in Canada offering, in-depth and personal instruction in a wilderness setting. For a complete list of presenters please visit our presenters page.


Be Social

Our Facebook page is updated weekly leading up to the event. We highly encourage you to sign up so that you can get the latest updates and other cool insights.

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6436 Conc 4 Rd, Everett, ON L0M 1J0 (1 Hour North of Toronto in Alliston, Ontario!)

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