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    Featuring Our Nations Best Preppers & Survivalists
    July 7th-9th in Desboro, Ontario

  • Event Details

  • 3 Day Camping Event 

    This is a camping weekend although if you're only showing up for one day or an afternoon then that's completely fine (although you'll be missing out!). Please bring appropriate camping gear and plan to sleep within an open field with designated fire pits. We will take consideration for those with small children and/or disabilities that require special requirements. Please contact us to make arrangements. If you have a camper or RV bring it! 

    Accommodations Available!

    Don’t have a tent? No problem. Contact us to see how you can use our on-site bunks.

    Family Orientated 

    This event is family orientated and as such please feel free to bring your kids. We will have some kid-specific events to keep them entertained. 


    Please visit the Buy Tickets page for the current costs. We will have fund raisers and prize draws to raise money for the raw costs (insurance, washrooms, etc.) of making this happen. Your help in this respect would be appreciated.

    If there's one event that you're thinking about attending this year - this is it. We're really excited to put this on for a 4th year in a row and it's with the support of our excellent event presenters and people like you that make it happen. Let's have an amazing weekend connecting like-minded people with the collaborative effort of making ourselves and communities better prepared. We're looking forward to seeing you there! 

    Parking & Amenities

    There is plenty of free parking, however, there is no direct parking on site. Once you arrive at the location and drop off your belongings, you will drive your vehicle to a designated parking location 10 minutes away, where you will be shuttled back to the venue. Amenities will include a portable and fresh water for cleaning & drinking. Camping is available all weekend from Friday, July 7th - Sunday July 9th in and around the property, again at designated areas. Please be sure to bring all necessary camping equipment and appropriate clothing for the entire weekend. While we will be having fundraiser lunches and/or dinners please make sure to bring your own food. 

    If anyone has any special needs and/or requirements please contact us to make arrangements. 

    The Rules 

    No drugs or alcohol will be permitted. We expect everyone to respect everyone else in addition to the property. Failing to do so may result in asking the participant to leave the premises.