Basket Weaving

Presenter: Mervi Salo

Mervi Salo Basket Weaving

Mervi Salo will be teaching how to use bundles of pine needles and sinew to create one-of-a-kind lasting baskets, coasters or mats. Many of the techniques can be applied to other materials such as sweet grass and bull rushes. Creations can be enhanced with different stitches, adding beads or other materials (e.g., black walnut slices).

Mervi Salo

Mervi has spent most of her life learning to make things with her hands. She grew up spending time outdoors on land, learning to make things from her parents. In addition, Mervi brings years of experience and skills teaching. She was an art teacher and arts consultant for years, she has presented at other outdoor skills gatherings, and now leads the work done by Toronto's Urban Indigenous Education Centre.

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