Strategies for Sustainable Self-sufficiency

Presenter: Dave of Opting Out

While a newcomer the APM Dave is no stranger to living off-grid and comes highly recommended. We're grateful to have him and really looking forward to his event!

Dave Opt Out

Dave will go over some principles, approaches, and planning tools for upping your self-sufficiency game. Particular emphasis will be placed on approaches to self-sufficiency that are implementable even with little or no land, nosy neighbours, or a limited budget.

Although his Do-It-Yourself tendencies go back to childhood, the last 12 years have seen Dave working on his acre of land with his wife Tamara. Starting with a sterile rectangle of grass and a poorly winterized cottage structure, they have upgraded to an energy-efficient house and accessory buildings, surrounded by lush gardens and blended with support for a more diverse and functional natural ecosystem. The transformation has brought with it some surprising benefits, an evolving philosophy, and shows some of what can be done surrounded by, but with a measure of independence from, contemporary society. Some of Dave's projects and musings can be found at http://optout.killchair.net

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